Essay about The Things They Carried By Tim O ' Brien

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“The Things They Carried,” is the title of Tim O’Brien’s story of soldiers during the Vietnam War. The title refers to the physical and emotional things the soldiers had to carry with them every day they were overseas. They are all were required to carry a certain amount of physical equipment with them and they also chose to carry their own unique items along with them. Along with their physical loads they each had their own personal emotions and thoughts that they carried and dealt with every day. They carried their fears too, the fear of dying, losing someone close to them, and the fear of letting others know they are afraid. For every extra item a soldier carried with him symbolized his personality and what he longed for or was trying to prevent. Every man carried his fears with him, even though each man might have different things to fear and different ways to deal with it, they all carried the same emotion and tried to hide it from their comrades. Letting others know you are afraid is not something you would like others to know and definitely not your enemies. The ability to become lost in thought and imagination was common among the men. And while being a temporary relief from the terrors of war it can also be a distraction that had the potential to get any one of them killed in an instant. In the story, some men were killed without warning, leaving the other soldiers in fear and wondering how much longer they really had left before their time also ran out.
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