The Things They Carried By Tim O ' Brien Essay

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Personal experiences help shape people’s futures and have a large impact on their world views. Many authors use these memories as inspiration for their writing. The historical accounts in Tim O’brien’s, The Things They Carried, come with some truths, but are mostly derived from what he believed would have happened. Although O’Brien himself did not witness the things he wrote about in his novel, he still is able to portray the struggles many soldiers went through. While reading The Things They Carried through the historical lens and examining the novel’s accuracy to events of the Vietnam War, it becomes evident that O’Brien’s own life, education, and knowledge of true war stories affected the historical relevance of his work.
Living in an all-American town created a desire to escape reality in O’brien and played an important role in his career and passion for writing. From the early times of his youth, Tim was taught that storytelling and writing were effective ways to express emotions and entertain a reader. An article recalling the early life of Tim O’brien reads, “O 'Brien 's parents were reading enthusiasts, his father on the local library board and his mother a second grade teacher” (Tim O 'Brien Biography). His parents valued reading, and that spread into their children, instilling a love for literature during early childhood. Tim’s interest in writing and storytelling started very early on, inspiring him to pursue his passion and paving the way for his future success.…

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