The Things They Carried By Tim O ' Brien Essay example

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“William Timothy O’Brien is a renowned American writer, famous for writing novels on the Vietnam War.” (FamousAuthors). One of his most famous novels is called “The Things They Carried.” O’Brien was born on October 1, 1946 in Austin, Minnesota. He grew up in Worthington, where that city played an important role in shaping his imagination and developing his artistic sensibility. Although O’Brien was against the war, he was conscripted into the United States Army and sent to Vietnam where he served for two years. Tim O’Brien faced many obstacles and learned a lot about himself and other people when he went to war. “In the Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien, O’Brien shows the reader that storytelling is extremely powerful in ways that can help a person deal with physical and emotional burdens”

After reading the book, I learned an important aspect about the story “The Things They Carried.” “[T]hings of the title that O’Brien’s character’s carry is both literal and figurative. While all of the soldiers carry heavy physical loads, they also carry heavy emotional loads, composed of grief, terror, love, and longing. Each man’s physical burden underscores his emotional burden. Henry Dobbins, for example, carries his girlfriend’s pantyhose and, with them, the longing for love and comfort. Similarly, Jimmy cross in the story carries compasses and maps and, with them, the responsibility for the men in his charge. Faced with the heavy burden of fear, the men also carry the weight of…

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