The Things They Carried By Tim O ' Brien Essay

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In the book The Things They Carried, author Tim O’Brien tells the horrific experiences of a platoon of American soldiers in the Vietnam War. This platoon goes through many hardships, which on the way cause many people to die and to completely change their personalities. O’Brien depicts the awful emotional and psychological conditions the American soldiers experienced during the Vietnam War. The way O’Brien depicts these topics by talking about many points like the items the soldiers carried, the soldiers coping with death and violence, and finally how life back in the United States seemed to weigh upon them.
O’Brien starts depict the psychological conditions of the soldiers by explaining the significance of the actual things they carried into battle. The men in this platoon have many things that they carry with them physically and psychologically. The first person to start with is Ted Lavender, the thing that he would carry was tranquilizers and six or seven ounces of premium dope. The reason Lavender has to carry these around because he needed psychologically, Lavender was scared of dying in the war. Lieutenant Jimmy Cross carries the maps, the compasses. Cross is the leader of this platoon and he has the reasonability to take care of his men and to look over their lives. Rat Kiley is the medic in the platoon and he carries morphine, malaria tablets, and supplies for serious wounds. Kiley has to carry this stuff to be the savior of this group to make sure they stay…

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