The Things That I 've Learned Essay

1915 Words Jun 13th, 2016 8 Pages
The things that i 've learned this year in APUSH is that Americans only believe that they are right so their perspectives are the only correct ones. The second thing I learned is that racism in American history can come in different ways and forms. Third thing I learned is that during The Civil Rights Movement MLK wouldn’t be able to do many things without having Malcolm X threatening the government (this actually made me think about life in a different way, X is the unsung hero).Fourth thing I learned is that the US wanted people to immigrate over here but when they did not need them anymore they rushed to kick out immigrants.The last but not least, Individual vs. Community has a big role in American history, people say that individualism is bad and others think it 's good. I will talk about each but more detailed. And at the end I will tie it together in a personal way that talks about my life. I picked this topics because as an Mexican American it 's hard to have respect because everyone thinks i 'm an immigrant. Multiple times we have fallen because of our American perspectives in what 's happening in the world and we put our nose into it because we are “The World Police” . One event that shows this happened in the Vietnam War, when we thought that we fought for they can have democracy over communism but we were so blinded of not letting the Commis win (North Vietnam) we didn’t see what we were doing as a nation over S.Vietnam.We were bombing them making them weaker…

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