The Things That I Value Essay

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The things that I value most in life are: God, my family, friends, and my job. Because God is the author of intelligent design, science, history, economics, and ethics are an extension of who he is. He is the standard that is beyond the control of man’s manipulation, so I can appreciate him for who he is. I like to live by the “Golden Rule,” which means that I try to treat other people the way I prefer to be treated.
My family is also a great part of my life. We spend time together recreationally, which builds memories and strengthens relationships. We do not always agree, but can generally accept other viewpoints. We also work cohesively to accomplish goals or for good causes, such as: Special Olympics, Multiple Sclerosis Society, and others.
Spending time with friends is like spending time with family. Many of my friends are like family and participate in some of our family activities. We support each other and help each other when there is a need. Like family, we know that we can make allowances for each individual to be just that – a unique individual with unique ideas about life. How mundane life would be if we were all alike.
My job allows me to be a part of the solution of today’s society, and not part of the problem. Part of my job is assisting people with needs of all kinds in the most efficient way possible. Some days are intensely challenging, but when I am able to see a positive end result, it is very gratifying. Many people work in jobs they dislike. I…

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