The Things That Have A Lot Of Good Ideas Essay

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So, the things that they understood based on what we saw. They understood, I think, puling evidence from the text.

Jenny: They actually picked out some pretty good quotes when I was walking around.

Interviewer: Some of them, I think, are starting to come up with some good differences.

Jenny: I think that having a partner to talk to helped some of the kids. I didn’t get to partner them as affectively as I wanted to, but Luis and Jesus, were an interesting combination because Luis does sometimes have really good ideas, but he can’t focus long enough to actually get them down, whereas Jesus was sitting there redirecting him so that he could get his outline done.

Interviewer: Nice, so they worked well together. I thought that Luis had a lot of good.

Jenny: He does have a lot of good ideas.

Sara: I think the other thing that they are getting a lot better with is, and this is what I was worried about with the outline too, they weren’t as focused on that it just has to be balanced in the sheer amount that I have, but they understood that it needed to balance in quality. It can’t be that I have some really good similarities and just the same number of random differences, they were still focused that it needs to be productive both ways.

Jenny: This also did force the similarities was easy, because all they had to do is pick out quotes, and put their reasoning in later. But the differences, they couldn’t really find specific quotes that were useful, so they were actually…

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