The Thing Around Your Neck Essay

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The collection of short stories ‘The Thing Around Your Neck’ written by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie demonstrates that in Nigeria, men women, boys and girls are treated differently, and these relationship in which gender inequality exists leads to family conflict. And corruption exists in Nigeria and also the violence. These issues have lasting impacts on the characters.
Many of the characters experience violence, some due to civil war and conflict between religious groups, and others due to corruption. In the story ‘Cell One’ Nnamabia both witnesses and experiences violence in the Nigerian jail. When Nnamabia has been caught and put in jail, his family bribed police and guard to see Nnamabia. Also Nnamabia paid police to treat him better.
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This leads to Nonso’s death later on. After Nonso’s death, the author uses the symbolism ‘a mango tree crack into two near-perfect halves during a thunderstorm’ to highlights that spoilt of family. This clearly shows that gender inequality can destroy family relationship. In addition, the author doesn’t name the girl to highlight girls are often invisible compared to boys in Nigeria. Also in ‘Cell One’ demonstrates that there is a class division in Nigeria. The professors sons are spoiled by their parents. Even though the professors know their sons are stealing, they blame on the ‘riffraff’ from outside the campus. This leads to Nnamabia’s mistreatment by guards.
Poverty is also experienced by many Nigerians, leading to a loss of hope and opportunity. In the titular story ‘The Thing Around Your Neck’ Akunna experiences poverty in both Nigeria and America. Before Akunna moves to America, she has a hope that is going to be better to live in America. She was expecting she will have a big car and soon, a big house. However in reality, Akunna couldn’t afford to send presents home and had to rent a ‘tiny room with stained carpet’. Also these affects to the relationship with her American boyfriend. Akunna was given many presents from him but they were nothing ‘useful’. The author uses a metaphor ‘the thing around your neck’ to highlight the ‘little of hope’ she has. So, when she has been lonely and felt invisible, ‘something would wrap itself around your neck’ which

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