The Thin Documentary Analysis: Eating Disorder

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Thin Introduction When I watched the Thin documentary going into it I had some sort of knowledge as to what might happen. The women who had to go through such a traumatic period in their lives. Will go through any lengths, either to maintain their skinny weight or lose more. I truly felt bad for not only the women, but the families who had to watch their love ones suffer. I never realized how an eating disorder can really affect someone’s life. Hearing about eating disorders, and reading statics pale in comparison to watching this documentary. It took me inside the lives of the women in the community center. They also made me focus in on the four women clients in the documentary. They all were dealing with an eating disorder, but had different problems which made it unique. Shelly trying to lose weight by using a syringe to get the fat out of her stomach. Polly who defies authority, but still is a leader in the community. Brittany being the youngest of the group, and doesn’t see herself recovering from the eating disorder. Last Alisa who is battling with this problem, and is also a single mother who is willing to die to stay thin. Even though they were all there for one reason. To get better and gain weight to recover. Their stories touched me on …show more content…
She helped her daughter, by sending her to the community center for treatment. Realizing she can’t do it for herself, and sent Brittany to people who can. When Brittany’s mother came to see her she ate the nutritional food for her daughter. Brittany told her if she ate the food, then Brittany will also. Yes Brittany’s mother did cause her eating disorder, but she can also end it as well. By her mother supporting her getting better for herself, maybe it could be the push Brittany needs to get better too. When she sees her mother trying Brittany might not feel being thin like her mother is the end all be

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