The Therapy And Solution Focused Therapy Essay

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When it comes to theoretical orientation, I have always thought that the modality you use for clients would be the same for every client that a therapist has. I thought that the reason that you choose a modality to specialize in was because that specific modality was the only technique that a therapist will use in their practice. Boy was I wrong. Thus far, into the program I have learned that each client or clients, although they may suffer from the same issues their model of treatment can be completely different. A modality or technique that worked for one family may not work for the next, and vice versa. In addition, I have learned that with each therapy session will vary and a therapist can use as many techniques and modalities as they see fit, in order to help their clients find a solution to their problems. There are so many modalities to choose from that will be helpful to a variety of clients. Personally, I resonate with Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Solution Focused Therapy. The purpose of this paper will be to explore my idea of the most appealing therapy, and why I enjoy that specific modality. In addition, I will compare it to other modalities and discuss the process of choosing a theoretic orientation for a family in therapy.
Solution Focused Therapy By far the most appealing therapy when dealing with families has been Solution Focused Therapy. Personally, I think this therapy can be easy for young children in families to understand. In addition, I think that…

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