The Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes ( Or Tlc ) Diet Essay

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What a person consumes on a regular basis not only has a massive impact on their health, but on the world around them. In recent times, due to the water shortages, a simple switch of dietary habits can now make a huge impact on the environment. Not all foods are created equal and this has become apparent due to the clear discrepancies that are seen when comparing different foods such as the amount of resources needed to grow said foods. A great solution that can solve these predicaments is a diet that consists of food that are healthy and are environmentally sustainable. Moreover, the diet should also have a great social criteria and cultural acceptance so that it can be easily followed and provide a great, realistic impact on the environment. The Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes (or TLC) diet is a diet that fits the bill for all the requirements that are needed to be considered healthy and sustainable. The main focus of the TLC diet is to lower bad cholesterol, which is carried by low density lipoprotein (LDL). There are some factors that you cannot change that contribute to the amount of LDL cholesterol in your body such as heredity, age, and sex (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 2005). However, there are dietary sources of LDL which include: saturated fat, which is normally found in food with animals and increases blood cholesterol more than anything else, trans fat, which is normally found in food made with hydrogenated oils and fats, and cholesterol, which…

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