The Theory That Underpins This Response Is The Community Development Theory

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3b. The theory that underpins this response is the community development theory. This theory informs the empowerment of the community as a way of meeting human needs. The development projects are demand-based and developed towards the communities issues that are relevant and prioritised. Defining community development refers to the context it is given in. In this intervention, community is the school group and the development refers to inclusion and freedom without limitations for adolescent mothers. Within this response and theory are the principals of participation, finding needs and self-help (Bhattaharyya, 2004). This theory is applied to collective driven social work because it does not just create ideas, but also the application of these ideas. This final response identifies the need for community participation but also how it can be applied into the school environment. Effectively, this theory encourages unity, care and collective responsibility for the adolescent in all systems but specifically school. The third response is the idea of changing society to make it more inclusive for people like young parents which will in turn better a community. This is strongly linked to the idea of functionalism. Functionalism believes that society is formed from multiple diverse systems, but which all serve a purpose. The understanding of a functionalist approach is that if one group of people or system is suffering, all areas of that society will also be affected. This is the…

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