The Theory That Pleasure Is The Only Thing Worth Pursuing Essay example

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Experience Machine The theory that pleasure is the only thing worth pursuing; the highest and most important goal in life is derived from Hedonism. The moral of Hedonism explains that pleasure brings happiness, it is good, and that of the opposite brings pain, which is bad. Those that we desire are desirable because it brings us some kind of pleasure (Mill, p. 20). Pleasure comes from an object. Because of this theory Robert Nozick shared with us in his book, the experience machine; a machine that we can just simply hook up to. He asks us to think about life in this machine that is able to replicate and give off to us the experiences of what we find most pleasurable in life. He argues though, that this type of life cannot be the ideal life. One of his objections is that we want to actually do things instead of just having the experience of doing it. His other reasons are that we want to “be a certain way” to have our own identity and that being connected to this machine will restrict us to a “man-made reality” (Nozick). He also states that connecting to this machine will be suicide; that you are not really living, but he may not be entirely right. Everything in life leads to pleasure, someone who is in a machine can still have the same pleasurable life as someone outside of the machine, and what is pleasure all depends on the person. First of all, although Nozick’s objections suggest that there are other things in life that matters to us like actually doing things, being…

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