The Theory Of The Roman Empire Essay example

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There is much debate on the theory of the Roman Empire. Some believe it was a catastrophic event that changed Rome forever, while others think Rome was never stopped entirely. Through the readings of the City of God, one can only conclude that Augustine was in fact a continuationist.
Augustine describes the City of God as “those who live according to God”. They are the ones who put God before themselves, and do right on earth to live eternally. They are not focused on events in present time, but what will come from it at the end. Augustine states that “The families which live by faith look for those eternal blessings which are promised”. Since Earth can make no guaranteed promises, the people who live by faith look to Heaven where they are promised to live a tranquil and eternal life. For the purpose of peace, the Heavenly City “sojourns on earth and lives by faith, makes use of this peace only because it must”. Since the City of Earth is only a temporary destination for the people of faith, they must get along with the City of Earth; in till the two cities are separated.

In contrast to the City of God, the City of Earth does not follow faith, nor believe in the eternal life. According to Augustine “The families which do not live by faith seek their peace in the earthly advantages of this life”. They are more focused on present times than what may arise later. Their goal is to promote peace within the people, because with peace there is no war. In light of, “the…

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