The Theory Of The Nursing Process Model Essay

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The Nursing Process Model is a conceptual framework in which the nurse-patient relationship is the foundation of the nursing process. The purpose for this framework for critical thinking is to diagnose and treat human responses to potential or actual health problems. The nursing process is represented as dynamic and relational, the nurse and the patient being affected by each other 's behavior and by the environment around them. Each successful two-way communication is termed a "transaction" and can be analyzed to determine the factors that promote transactions. The constraints the various systems in the environment (personal, interpersonal, and social) place on the development of the relationship are also examined. The nurse should always view the patient as someone with whom they have transactions that attain defined adaptive objectives toward the overall goal of the patient’s health. Some of the advantages are being able to provide individualized care, having the patient as an active participant, promoting continuity of care, professional growth as one evaluates the effectiveness of their interventions and very importantly developing a clear and efficient plan of care. There are five steps in the nursing process which should be used in making good nursing judgments that effect patient care. The first step of the process is assessment. When assessing the patient this is where you the nurse will gather information and collect data that relates to the patient. For…

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