The Theory Of The Mill Essay

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Mill argued that under freedom of thought the majority of opinions are unsound because society does not consider the minority’s point of view. He believed that the truth could only come from the requirements of an open inquiry to all and not just to the ones that may prove to be right. In other words manipulated and unfairly just actions will produce the wrong outcome. He felt that if the truth was invigorated and supported by becoming exposed and criticized then issue could be viewed as adequate and fair (Philosophy Pages, 2015).

Mill implied that a person’s conduct and concepts deserves to be protected from social violation. A person’s act should be given freely and should not have any influences from customs, expectations, or public opinion. Mills indicated that the choice of behavior should come from the way we ought to be even it happens to be different from what others are not accustomed to (Philosophy Pages, 2015).

Mill stressed that each individual is accountable for their selves that consist of their own feelings, ideas, and interests. However, the state justifies in controlling and limiting the behaviors of those posing harm to others through a violation of their rights. Mill’s believed that promoting good behavior or prevents a person from hurting their selves was wrong. This is because he felt that there was a boundary between social and private issues (Philosophy Pages, 2015).

According to Mill, governmental intervention is not essential for certain…

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