The Theory Of The Field Of Nursing Essay

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Nursing theory is a framework of concepts designed to provide guidance to the practice of nursing. Before the development of nursing theories, the practices were passed on in an apprenticeship fashion from one generation to the next. In the 1960’s, debates and discussions of nursing curricula provided the opportunity for the evolution of nursing from a vocation to a profession. Theories were developed during the research era of nursing, and they resulted in the actual development of what is known as the science of nursing today. In 1979, Sister Callista Roy developed her theory known as the Roy Adaptation Model that is still in use today in various areas of the field of nursing. The exploration of the history of Sister Callista Roy herself and the Roy Adaptation Model manifests its relevance to nursing practice, education, and research.
Historical Background of Sister Callista Roy
Sister Callista Roy was born on October 14, 1939 in Los Angeles, California. She was born into a family that held a strong faith in Catholicism. With this in mind, she credits her family, teachers, mentors, and her religious commitment as the major influences in her personal and professional growth. Her mother actually worked as a nurse and was an inspiration to Sister Callista through her selfless giving as a nurse. Therefore Sister Callista Roy went on to pursue a career in nursing. In 1963, Sister Callista Roy received her BSN from Mount Saint Mary’s college in Los Angeles, California. In…

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