The Theory Of The Criminal System Essay

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There are five common theories of punishment in the criminal system. One theory is retribution, which is the act of responding to an injury with an injury. A second theory is deterrence, which is the act to discourage or prevent action while inhibiting the criminal behavior, especially by fear with use of punishment. Incapacitation is the third theory, which is the act of making them incapable and lacking in qualification. The fourth theory is restoration, which is the act of taking steps to repair harm by involving all stakeholders. The final idea is rehabilitation, which is the act of restoring to the former capacity and of good repute. Contrary to these theories on punishment is the idea of decriminalization which is the act of lessening the criminal penalties in relation to certain acts. The combination of restoration and rehabilitation is the best way to go about punishment in the criminal justice system. The use of restoration and rehabilitation is best seen in the country of Norway. In Norway they focus more on the society’s safety by rehabilitation the criminal and deterring any future crimes. Norway considers the prison system a part of the community. In America they view it as an isolated institution. Their principle of limitation of freedom helps their lives in the prison reflect the lives of those outside of the prison. The Business Insider gives some important stats looking into their prison system. They have fewer than 4,000 in prison out of the total 5…

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