The Theory Of The Cia Assassinated Che Essay example

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Conspiracy Theory Essay Assignment

The theory that the CIA assassinated Che Guevara is not correct and lacks substantial evidence to have a valid theory. The theory is the Che was not killed by the Bolivians but that the command to execute was made by the CIA. At first look at the evidence, the CIA may have wanted to assassinate Che at first, but he posed to little of a threat for them to care. The articles about these theories are well in depth and provide a lot of depth but not enough factual evidence to say. Che symbolized many different symbols which ask if he really was a huge threat. The plot of the conspiracy is similar to a plot of good vs evil.
The theory about the CIA assassinating Che is absurd when looking at the evidence. The truth is that if the CIA wanted to kill Che, they could have done it at anytime, if anything a better time to kill Che would have been during the civil war in Cuba. “Che was one of the main reasons for the downfall of Batista, the current dictator of Cuba at the time who was backed by the U.S.” (Anderson, 1997) It just wouldn’t make sense for the CIA to wait to lose one of their allies when they could have dealt with the problem then and there. “Another reason would be an interview with the person who assassinated Che, Felix Rodriguez. In the interview, Rodriguez talked about how he received orders from the Bolivian high command to execute Che on the spot rather than to take him to Panama for a trial as the CIA had intended to.”(Grant)…

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