The Theory Of The Apothecary Essay

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The concept of the apothecary has existed for centuries. Derived from the Latin term apotheca, meaning a place where herbs and spices were stored. The role of the apothecary has always been connected to their familiarity with plants and herbs and their ability to administer them as remedies. In ancient Greece this was very similar to what we would consider folk medicine today, such as using mint for gastrointestinal issues. By the sixteenth century apothecaries had become the equivalent of our modern day pharmacists, distributing medicines to ailing clients and eventually doing all but prescribing the medications themselves. By the seventeenth and eighteenth century apothecaries would take huge steps toward gaining independence in their trade. Unfortunately for apothecaries there was not much consistency within their trade. Medicine in England during the eighteenth century was extremely unregulated and the chaotic system, or lack thereof, led to vicious competitiveness among physicians, surgeons and apothecaries. England also experienced a tremendous amount of division among social classes more so than other European countries at this time. The social hierarchy was so deeply entrenched that it would take many years before equality among medical professionals would be achieved.
The practice of medicine in England in the eighteenth century could be characterized as disorderly and unregulated. There would be a few attempts at introducing laws, but as whole the industry would…

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