The Theory Of The Air Power Essay

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“It may be said that Douhet was the theorist of the air power, Mitchell the publicist and catalytic agent, and Trenchard the organizational genius.” -Harry H. Ransom.
Air power generates a new revolution in thought, making way for air power theorist like Giulio Douhet, Hugh Trenchard, and Billy Mitchell, and they established the basics of strategic, operational, and tactical employment that will generate influences until our time. The airpower theorists over emphasized the long range bombing and probably leaving out the versatility of its application of air power, “none of the assumptions on which ideas rested was pulled from thin air.” The expectations of the possibilities of air power and the way in which the United States and the United Kingdom presented their arguments reveal how they interpreted the situation around them, and how they tried to promote their own interests. The predictions and prophesies of the interwar air power theorist did not represented the fulfillment that was expected to airpower in the support to Allied success in World War II. Because, overestimated the bomber’s ability to penetrate the enemy defenses without long-range escorts, and the ability to realize selective targeting. Additionally, the prediction underestimated the people ability to support the war. In order to describe the application of air power in World War II is necessary to analyze the perspective of the theorist. Moreover, how the air power was use in war and what is…

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