The Theory Of Systems Theory In Social Work

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Register to read the introduction… For example, “mental health professionals use systems theory as a way of understanding how individuals are both products of and complicit in their personal situations, as well as how these situations tend to affect the people in them.” (Flamand, 2010) They seek to help those clients understand their situation and find healthier ways of coping with the situation. On the other hand, family social workers use systems theory to understand family dynamics and help promote healthy family structures. Family social workers try to understand how the families responsibilities structure work, they determine when the families responsibilities is not functioning accordingly and determine when physical intervention may be necessary to protect a family member of the family. The systems theory of helping can influence a broad range of people’s lives. The systems theory often addresses familial problems. When one person in a family unit is not functioning properly, all persons in the family …show more content…
General Systems Theory in Social Work. 2010
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