The Theory Of Social Learning Theory Essay

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Based on Akins, the evolution of learning theory said that all social behavior is learned, including crime. He identify social learning theory in four key elements. First, differential association refers of individual learning deviant behavior from their close friends or family. (Akins & Winfree, 136) One example, individuals that grow up with a close friend that is involved in terrorism behavior is more likely that he or she follow the same line of terrorism behavior. Second, imitation is one the individual copy other individual behaviors. Most of the time terrorist activism have a leader that they follow and is their mentor. Is one of the most common elements in terrorism. In terrorism people that act by their self in terrorism activities are called lone wolf. They usually are not related to any group or organizations, but they may be motivated by extremism ideology and beliefs.
The third elements by Akins is definitions. Is what people beliefs as good or bad behaviors. Sometimes we may see thing different from other. Last elements is differential reinforcement, “Differential Reinforcement is the implementation of reinforcing only the appropriate response and applying extinction to all other responses.” ( Akins & Winfree, 136) One example, in terrorism individual that sacrifice his or her lives engage in suicide bombing the negative consequence is his or her own death, but the consequences are minimized because their achieve their goal. As I say before, social learning…

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