The Theory Of Separation Of Powers Essay

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The theory of separation of powers is an idea that leads us back to ancient Greek times. It is a doctrine which represents a way of analysing government and the extent to which a state organises the distribution of power in its different branches. The ancient Greeks in their wisdom looked at the government as being formed by three separate functions. Moreover, the political philosopher Montesquieu reached the threshold of a more meaningful explanation of the doctrine by saying that ‘there can be no liberty if the legislative, executive and judicial powers of government were to be exercised by the same person or authority’.
In the UK context, the three branches within which the power of the state is exercised are represented by the legislature, also know as the lawmaking body, the executive that implements the law launched by the legislature, and the judiciary which has the role of interpreting and applying the law. Nevertheless, the monarch’s power is also very significant. In the UK, the head of the state is the Queen who is a member of the legislative as set of conventions, the executive and also the judiciary, even though the latter is in ‘more theoretical terms rather than the practical’. The Queen represents the state in international affairs, but it is more possible that the Prime Minister or his delegate would step in further negotiations. Unlike the UK, the presidents of US and France are occupants of both of the executive and “head of state” positions.
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