The Theory Of Self Determination Essay

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Self-actualization is a universal idea used frequently in humanistic psychology. Similarly, the theory of self-determination is that individuals are inherently inclined to be proactive and to move toward greater refinement and integration in self-functioning. Individual need to meet certain needs in order to be fully functioning. To be fully functioning requires individuals having access to and using their capacities for experience, connection, and proactivity (Deci, Guay, & Ryan, 2013, p. 110). Competence, autonomy and relatedness are needs that are required to be fulfilled and maintained to be fully functioning (Deci, Guay, & Ryan, 2013, p. 112). Parents play a big role in whether or not their children fulfill these needs. Specifically, conditioned regard towards children can have negative affects on a child leading to introjection. A child will live up to the expectations of their parents but at a cost to their own psychological health (Deci, Guay, & Ryan, 2013, p.125). Interestingly, a recent article on religion and self-actualization supports the idea of relatedness in the self-determination theory. Research shows that children that religiosity and self-esteem have a positive correlation (Poorsheikhali & Alavi, 2015, p.236). Therefore, a sense of community through religion enhances feelings of relatedness within the child. I can personally contend to the research that has been done in regards to how my parents raised me and my personal motivations.
Relatedness is…

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