The Theory Of Self Consciousness Essay

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In Stephen J. Brewer’s research of the self, he reflected that, “ You can see how self-consciousness results in this peculiar feeling of being outside your own body. After all, you have this strange ability to see yourself in an image outside your body and this could well be the origin of the belief that the body and mind are separate. Now, I think when scientists say consciousness is an illusion, they may well be referring to this self-conscious state, and in some aspects this may be so (Brewer 2013).” The argument he states is that there would be no consciousness if things didn’t occur or certain circumstances didn’t take place. Sensory excitations should be taking place to motivate impulses of the mind (Brewer 2013. This is obviously not a problem since life itself is anything but bleak. There is always something going on, even during sleep time.
Self-Consciousness Development
It has been mentioned that at age two is when prosocial behaviors come into display and a child is forming a conscious. In Philippe Rochats research on self-awareness, he uses five levels to explain the order of occurrence in which it is displayed from the time of birth until the age of 4 or 5 (Rochat 2013). Some of the very most important stages in mental and emotional states of a child include the first steps, the formation of words, or even smiling at a person. His explanation includes a level 0, labeled confusion, to signify the time where there is no form of self-conscious. The Mirror Test…

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