Essay on The Theory Of Self Consciousness Development

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Self-Consciousness Development
It has been mentioned that at the age of two is when prosocial behaviors come into display and a child is forming a conscious. In Philippe Rochats research on self-awareness, he uses five levels to explain the order of occurrence in which it is displayed from the time of birth until the age of 4 or 5 (Rochat 2013). Some of the very most important stages in mental and emotional states of a child include the first steps, the formation of words, or even smiling at a person. His explanation includes a level 0, labeled confusion, to signify the time where there is no form of self-conscious. The Mirror Test is used to determine when a child has reached level one, labeled differentiation. In this level, the child can separate physical experiences in the body versus the movement around them. Level 2 was labeled as Situation and the child now understands that what is displayed in the mirror is related to them and it is for their personal enjoyment. Identification is the label for level 3 and the child has identified that the image from the mirror is them and not anyone else. In Permanence, level 4, the child is able to recognize its appearance if display in other forms aside from the mirror, like in photographs or videos. In Level 5, self-consciousness, a child has reached the point where they acknowledge other people’s viewpoints of them bringing about embarrassment or satisfaction. The levels among infants justifies why the self-conscious,” is…

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