The Theory Of Self Actualization Essay

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Contrary to the statement that everyone in the world is unique, the concept of “self-actualization” proves that humans are innately similar in function. Although we as humans may do everyday tasks differently or we may react to certain situations in different manners, the way that we acquaint ourselves with society is all similar under the theory of self-actualization. Self-actualization embodies three basic human needs: competence, relatedness and autonomy. The need for competence can be described as a human’s desire to effectively participate and understand the society around them. As humans, we will strive to reach higher goals and we will challenge ourselves in order for us to feel more competent in our society. Through this, we are able to satisfy one of the needs that help us reach our full human potential. The need for relatedness is defined as the longing for personal and emotional bonds with others as well as associations with groups with similar interests such as political views and leisure activities. Having a close interpersonal relationship with a significant person and taking part in social groups fulfills our intrinsic human need to feel included and part of something bigger than oneself. Lastly, the need for autonomy is the need to make ones own decisions in life. Overall, the blend of competence, relatedness and autonomy can be observed in all humans as basic needs and without these, self-actualization may not be obtained. In the outside article I chose,…

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