The Theory Of Psychology As A Scientific Discipline Essay

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The conceptualisation of psychology being a scientific discipline has caused many controversies through centuries; depending on which psychological or scientific perspective an approach took (Ardila, 2007, p907). As with other forms of development, there is a continuous transformation of knowledge, theories and thinking resulting in paradigm shifts (Branco, 2007, p41). Staats (1981, p241) argues psychology is what Kuhn describes as the preparadigmatic stage; it does not have a single accepted paradigm but instead several competing ones. Others refute this arguing psychology is a multiparadigmatic discipline that needs several competing approaches. The very nature and complexity of human organisms in itself requires a multitude of factors to be carefully analysed and observed, which consequently has brought a more scientific discipline within psychological research (Branco, 2007, p41). Therefore emphasis on empirical observation is deemed necessary (Hergenhahn, 1997, p3).
Using vigorous scientific methods to study human experiences is heavily criticised by Husserl (1900-1901), as through these methods we try and reduce a complex, subjective and individualistic phenomenon of human experience/behaviour to a predictable, repeatable and generalizable pattern (Williams, 2010, p237).Nonetheless any phenomenon can come under psychological inquiry, however can these phenomenon be researched and evaluated in a scientific manner?
Primarily the aim of scientific inquiry is to create…

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