Essay on The Theory Of Psychology And Forensic Psychology

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Child Psychology When people think of psychology, they think of therapist that counsel people through their problems and diagnose them with problems. That’s somewhat true! Psychology has many other areas of works as well such as community psychology, health psychology, military psychology and forensic psychology. In most jobs, there is a type of psychologist that help in certain situations. In my future career, I will like to become a social worker in the child protective services because it was always my dream to help children get out of abusive homes and select a safe environment for them to stay. In my line of work the type of psychologist that are involved is a called Child Psychologist, which focus on helping children adjust to life changing experiences and help children that have excessive behaviors. In my career of social work, the position that I will like to obtain is to become a caseworker in the child protective services. In this field of work, I will be working with many of children and families that are involved in the foster care system. Social workers are supposed to review previous behaviors of families to figure out what is causing the problem in their homes. The goal here is to become their mentor to help these children through any problems or situations they are facing in their homes. In addition to this, I will provide children with safe homes and remove children from homes that they are starting to feel neglected. After these…

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