Essay The Theory Of Operant Conditioning

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Do as you are told and you shall receive an award, however break these rules and you shall receive a punishment. The Law of Effect states that when we do something that satisfies us that we will be more likely to keep doing it in order to get that response, and if it discomforts us in any way we will be less likely to do it again. Within this law comes the theory of Operant Conditioning, meaning that we learn that our behaviors will either earn us rewards or punishments. How this works is we reinforce the good and punish the bad behaviors with both positive and negative reactions. Setting up a weight loss program following the guidelines of Operant Conditioning; one would have to first find a pattern in habits, establish a goal, set rules, and follow a schedule of reinforcement.
Starting a weight loss program is never easy and will be a challenge all in its own. For the first week of the program we would have to allow him to continue with his daily routine. However he would be required to write down everything he is eating, doing throughout the day, and the activities he is partaking in. This will allow us to see what he is already doing. The good and bad habits, the likes and dislikes so that we can establish our reinforcements both positive ones and negative ones. Once we have a good idea of what he is already doing we will be able to figure out a goal and how we will be able to achieve that goal. For example the goal for him will be to gain more muscle and to gain more…

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