The Theory Of Nursing Theory Essay

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Nursing theory helps to develop relationship bought together by different ideas so that we can understand behavior and alter our profession to provide suitable and relevant care. The purpose of this paper is to engage myself in the thoughts and writing done by Theorist Dorethea Orem and examine her theoretical field of self-care. I will investigate how her theory was developed through concepts and describe how the terms used to create her nursing theory have developed and the significate its meanings have in the nursing profession. I will further examine how her theory is used as evidence based practice. Theory Development
First Stage
Nursing is basically the foundation of healthcare nursing theory involves the concepts of health, human, nursing, and environment. Nursing is an art, a helping service which involves health in that once reflect on their own self-care and maintenance. Humans are what we care for as nurses may be individuals or group and our environment act a part in the type of care and health that nurses embrace. Nursing is not however a profession that should invalidate one’s own responsibility to maintain health and well-being.
Second Stage
My self-care theory began by explaining what is self-care and self-care requisites. I will begin by defining self-care as all activities that humans having the ability to care for their own health and well-being. Frequently I ask myself what a patient…

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