Essay on The Theory Of Nursing Theory

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Nursing theory helps to guide practices and research by defining concepts and proposing relationships between concepts. Theories explain phenomena by interrelating concepts in a logical, testable way to enhance nursing research and practice (Karnick, 2013). Betty Neuman’s system model is my choice of theory because it give a holistic view of a patient as it relates to nursing metaparadigm concepts that consists of the person, health, nursing and the environment. The focus is on how a person responds to environmental stressors also demonstrated the interrelationships of the concept in caring for an individual. In Betty Neuman’s system model, the person represents any one receiving nursing care, Neuman believes that the person is an open system that interacts with both internal and external stressors in the environment. This interaction affects the well-being of the individual depending on the person’s ability to maintain harmony between the elements in the environment. Nursing is regarded as any action the healthcare professional uses to help the person to improve or maintain health. The goal of nursing is minimize actual or potential stressors to the person through the use of primary, secondary or tertiary prevention interventions to attain or maintain a peak wellness level (Turner & Kaylor, 2015). Importance of Nursing Theory Nursing theory developed as bases for establishing nursing as a professional discipline, Theory was developed as a framework to generate nursing…

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