The Theory Of Nature Vs Nurture Essay

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Nature versus Nurture has been an ongoing debate for years, ever since the first theorists Skinner, Freud, Bandura, and Bowlby concluded their own theories. Some said that is was nature such as genetics that affected a child all throughout life; others argued that nurture and how a child was raised caused the outcome. Theorists and scientists alike all picked a side and tried to prove which had more importance in life. Where a child is raised is going to affect the development more than just genetics. Nurture affects personality, behavior, and reaction to the environment.
Personality is the basis of who a person is and will become. Children as they grow and develop learn more about what they like or do not like. Experiences and relationships with peers and family shape beliefs and values. At younger ages children are more impressionable and watch others to learn. Each person has a different observable character. Children are born with some talents where they are a little better at certain areas. In elementary school, they are at about the same level but once they reach middle school, differences are shown. One child is a better athlete than another, or one is more academically gifted than the others. Parents push these talents by putting children into sports, academic programs, etc. “As adults it pleases us to imagine we have terrific control over a child’s development; that we would mold our children like potters shaping clay” (There’s no such thing as Etonian). Children…

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