The Theory Of Natural Selection Essay

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The theory of natural selection has many independent lines of evidence that support its validity. Merriam Webster defines natural selection as, “The process by which plants and animals that can adapt to changes in their environment, are able to survive, and reproduce while those that cannot adapt do not survive,” illustrating Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, which was heavily based on his observations of the natural world. Though there are arguments against Darwin’s findings, as with all theories, there are more abundant and compelling forms of evidence in his theory’s support. There are many who criticize Darwin’s theory of natural selection. The theory of natural selection was questioned by the understanding of some critics to believe that natural selection was driving evolution towards a goal. The reasoning was misinterpreted and directed towards the origin of life. The argument has been presented and rebutted by Richard Dawkins in his book The Greatest Show on Earth: The Evidence for Evolution. In response to the migration of a dolphin’s blowhole, he states, “A real designer would have planned it in the top of the head in the first place - that 's if he hadn 't decided to abolish lungs and go for gills anyway,” (Dawkins 2009) in response to the creationist arguments. His rebuttal explains the illogical reasoning for a creator to evolve an animal instead of starting the species in the form it has taken place in the present day, known as the irreducibility…

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