The Theory Of Natural Law Essay

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The Theory of Natural Law is quite an interesting subject. The Theory of Natural Law consists of three parts according to James Rachel, author of Elements of Moral Philosophy. These three parts are the theory’s view of the world, its way of thinking and how things should be, and lastly morality. The Theory of Natural Law is not consistent between philosophers and doesn’t seem to apply to modern day culture and society.
The Theory of Natural Law is vast among Christians and throughout the United States. According to PewResearchCenter in 2014, over seventy percent of the American population is Christian. Within Washington D.C. sixty-five percent of people are Christian, although law and religion are deemed to be separate within the U.S. These statics alone imply that our country and its morality are largely run by Christians. Many of these Christians take part in our everyday lives without us even realizing it. Our community often looks to the Christian clergy for their input on morality. We can find them on hospital committees and even rating our entertainment (Rachels 2016 p54). It is often believed that without religion, people lack a moral compass.
The theory’s view of the world comes from the Greeks, who set the tone for Western culture over 1,700 years ago. (Rachels 2016 p60). The Greeks believed that everything has an order within nature and is tied into each other. An example of this would be fire. Fire helps the earth regenerate and make soil more fertile, which in…

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