Essay about The Theory Of Multiple Intelligences

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I had never heard of the theory of multiple intelligences and I had no previous knowledge about Howard Gardner. It was really interesting to learn about him, his life and his theory. I think there is many good points in the theory of multiple intelligences, and I think it was important for me to learn about this theory because it has influenced education and thinking in the United States. Gardner’s theory suggests that the traditional view of intelligence, based on I.Q. testing, is inadequate. In his theory he proposes that there are many different intelligences that contribute to a broader range of human potential in children and adults. I think that his theory is a great way to help children who struggle learning the traditional way. Howard Gardner questioned the idea that there was a single intelligence, and that it could be accurately measured simply by using an IQ tests. I thought it was very interesting that Gardner also challenged Piaget’s theory on cognitive development. He successfully proved that children of the same age could be at different stages. I also found it kind of disappointed that because of this theory, many researcher no longer believe that our mind can learn anything. Many researchers now believe that people minds are born with strengths and weaknesses. Maybe this explains why I have always had a tough time playing a musical instrument. In elementary school, we had to learn to play the recorder, keyboard, and guitar, but I could never get the hang…

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