Essay on The Theory Of Multiple Intelligence Theory

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Multiple intelligence, what is it and how do we determine how to measure such a thing? There are many different components that make-up multiple intelligence and there have been several different ways to measure what our multiple intelligence is. When it comes to Lynn Waterhouse she believes that multiple intelligence theory and other theories such as the Mozart Effect and Emotional Intelligence, that these types of theories should not be practiced in a classroom that they have no effect on a child’s capacity to learn and develop new tactics to accessing better knowledge of information taught. Her research has found that the two pathways in the brain that could be evidence of a multiple intelligence theory. The pathways are the System 1 and 2 pathways the “What is it” and “Where is it”. The only problem with this when the two systems overlap. When one is touching an item and the brain can say where it is and what it is can happen at the same time. Waterhouse’s theory is set and goes into depth of how multiple intelligence theory is incorrect and has no valid data to back up any of the findings, in my viewpoint she is wrong. Multiple intelligence theory is useful not only in the school system but in general day-to-day living. Every child is going to learn at a different pace and learn certain areas better; some kids are extremely crafty whereas others are more prone to learn better by reading the material.
In Gardner’s critique on Waterhouse he involved many different types…

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