The Theory Of Motivation And Motivation Essay

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There are a variety of jobs available in a workplace, with the goal of what is supposed to be accomplished and how to do it. There are many positions in a business and all employees are considered part of a team. However, employees are motivated by different means. One of the most important things that any business has to know is the theory of motivation and how to apply them to the business’s goal.
Maslow’s Needs of Hierarchy is one of the more popular theories of motivation. It argues that an individual has needs that they have to satisfy. There are five levels to Maslow’s Hierarchy that every individual tried to achieve. Starting at the bottom and working its way up are physiological, safety, social, self-esteem and self-actualization. Once an individual has accomplished a need, they move up to the next one, and so forth.
In order to satisfy physiological needs, an individual needs some basic items to survive, such as water, food, air, etc. Safety brings the need to feel stable, secured and protected. Social need is when an individual has a sense of belonging, companionship and being able to love and be loved. Self-esteem needs include self -respect, accomplishments and success. Self-actualization need involves personal growth and reaching maximum potential (Bowler,n.d).
Maslow’s Hierarchy can be applied to the workplace to satisfy the needs of an employer. For example, an employer can provide vending machines for physiological needs. Safety needs can be…

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