The Theory Of Motivation And Behavior Essay

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Question One: In a case like this, there are several motivational theories that could be implemented to resolve this scenario. The internal theory of motivation focuses on variables within the individual that lead to motivation and behavior (PowerPoint). “Factors that make employees motivated and loyal to the organization include fair compensation and the trust and respect of their supervisors” (Textbook, pg. 76). Employees often want to see that their personal ethics are similar to those of the organization. Managers who are more supportive and less controlling often gain more intrinsic motivation from their employees (Textbook, pg. 76). When an employee feels that there is a purpose to what they are doing, they become more motivated. Through the internal theory of motivation, if employees were to gain more support from their managers, they will be more likely to have a higher performance. The process theory of motivation emphasizes the nature of interaction between the individual and the environment (PowerPoint). Within the process theory, there are the equity theory and the expectancy theory. The equity theory is concerned with social processes that influence motivation and behavior (PowerPoint). An employee’s perception of workplace fairness and inequalities may influence their performance in the organization. The expectancy theory explains motivation in terms of an individual’s perception of the performance process (PowerPoint). For instance, an employee may…

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