The Theory Of Modern Philosophy And Psychology Essay

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The meaning of personality is defined as the characteristics that make up a person’s individual distinctive character. From this definition, many psychologists over the span of decades have formulated theories that which explain why people do certain things, whether they truly think about them or not. The four main personality theories are as follows as they are, psychodynamic, trait or five factor model, humanistic, and social-cognitive theory. These personality theories have followed the subject of psychology for many decades, tracing their roots all the way back to the 1930s. These theories have formed the backbone of modern philosophy and psychology, and are still used in today’s psychological studies. The first personality theory is the psychodynamic theory, and was developed in 1993 by Sigmund Freud, who will soon be known as the father of modern philosophy. The psychodynamic theory is a theory that states that people conduct actions outside of their consciousness, and that these actions are usually sexual, aggressive, or selfish. The psychodynamic theory explains why people do certain things only when they are upset, such as inflicting pain upon others, or even inflicting pain upon themselves. The psychodynamic theory supposedly also justifies “slip of the tongue” incidents. One main advantage of the psychodynamic theory is that in a psychologic study of a person, they will be more likely to talk about their childhood in a psychodynamic fashion. However, the main…

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