The Theory Of Mind ( Tom ) Essay

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Social development
In terms of social development, individuals with FAS have often been described as outgoing and socially engaging as well as socially engaging. However perhaps the most interesting findings surrounding individuals with FAS is seen in their development of the theory of mind and in later life, their ability to make friends as well as the manifestation of aggression.
One of the hallmarks of human social development is the ability to make inferences about another what another individual in feeling, their intentions, and their beliefs. Coupled with an understanding of why these may be occurring. This idea, known as the theory of mind (TOM) is an incredibly useful ability in social communication as it provides individuals with the ability to monitor implicit social cues and deducts valuable information that is required when dealing with others.
A study conducted by __________ aimed to show the effects of alcohol affected individuals and TOM. This was conducted by looking at 63 children ages 9 to 11 from the cape town longitudinal study and utilizing a set of tests to measure different aspects of TOM. These tests included measures of first and second order false beliefs which essentially looked at if the individual’s ability to understand that others can have different mental states to them and also the ability to make inferences of what another person is thinking through the use of a story. Furthermore, the tests also included strange stories which were used to…

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