The Theory Of Learning Styles Essay

721 Words Jul 5th, 2016 3 Pages
An often misleading psychological ideology that is centered around the system in which individuals acquire knowledge is the myth that individuals have an inclination to one of the three types of learning styles; kinesthetic, auditory, and visual, that facilitates the learning process. In all actuality, however; according to scientific studies there is no clear distinction between the amount of information retained and the “presumed” learning style of the individual. In fact, one must adapt to a specific learning style that fits the current situation or material being learned. In addition, not all learning environments can be successfully processed with just the application of one learning style, rather a combination of two or more. Personally, through my own experiences, I’ve realized that diagnosing children with a particular learning style tends to make them more close-minded to the idea of exploring other methods of learning. This inhibits their ability to interact and further familiarize themselves with the different learning styles, hence, limiting their perspective on their pursuit of knowledge. This misconception of learning styles could be labeled as pseudoscience due to the fact that it lacks safeguard against belief perseverance and confirmation bias. The idea that an individual can only reach their highest potential of learning through one distinct learning style has become more widespread and accepted throughout popular psychology because of the overreliance on…

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