The Theory Of Learning For Many Years ( Tennant ) Essay

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Behaviourism has been continuously linked with learning for many years (Tennant, 2003) and is a perspective that focuses on the changes in individuals’ observable behaviours. (Seifert & Sutton, 2009:23) It is the scientific method of study, observing the behaviour of living organisms in relation to any environmental occurrences. (Alberto & Troutman, 2003) Behaviourists often view observable behaviour as a crucial subject matter in its own right and steer clear of portraying behaviour as a sign of some other psychological phenomenon as some other psychological systems have done, for example; interpreting behaviour as an indication of repressed psychological content in a Freudian model. Instead, behaviourists often will seek to identify predictable relationships between environmental events and behaviour (Miltenberger, 2008). Behaviourist theory implies that learning can only be said to have occurred when there is a clear change in the outward behaviour of the student (Cherry, 2014) and this can be founded on the notion that researchers study only observable, measurable outward behavioural change (Bush, 2006). This theory relates with the research of both Watson and Skinner (Weegar & Pacis, 2012), questioning whether behaviour can be predicted and controlled, and if learning is affected by changes in the surrounding environment. According to Cherry (2014),the behaviourist theory is based on the…

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