The Theory Of International Relations Essay examples

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Power and interests have always been the basis of the relationship among societies. International orders emerge to establish how states relate to each other and change due to major clashes between great powers. Along the history, the quest for the survival and development of civilizations around the world evolved around the amount of power they have and the interests they share. With the evolution of societies, distribution of power was necessarily a zero sum situation. To explain this, the paradigms of international relations will be the main tool. The rise of an international order is a result of the accumulation of power by a few states that are looking for hegemony. This is the idea that the realist model presents, and it is useful to understand how countries related to each other during the major part of history when empires and kingdoms (from ancient times to middle age) divided the globe. Because anarchy is the natural state of things, the basic relation was that great powers used their power advantage to take resources from weak states under their protection. Through the realist lens, great powers fought each other for raw materials and colonies. The actors were personified by one person, the emperor or king, who used great armies as instruments to impose their interests. Alliances were motivated only by the need to balance power against a common enemy. Stability and peace only happened when a great power had nothing to fear. However, when another power would try…

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