The Theory Of Ideal Type Of Bureaucracy Essay

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B ureaucracy is a form of social organization. Bureau means office and cracy means usage. Bureaucracy is a system that is controlled by office. Scholars who have worked for and in bureaucracy, one of the best of them are Max Weber. Max Weber was born in Germany in 1865.He gave the theory of ideal type of bureaucracy. It is an administrative system that is managed by strict rules and regulations. It is the best way of doing the tasks of policy formulation, implementation, and evaluation. It is the most efficient and effective institutions to serve the public interest. The ideal type of bureaucracy popularly known as Weberian model of bureaucracy. He gave six types of ideal characteristics. They are -
1. Specialization
2. Hierarchy
3. Rules and regulations
4. Impersonality
5. Qualified selection
6. Careerism
Different authors criticized of this bureaucracy. They said, “Ideal type of bureaucracy given by Max Weber can lead to bureau pathology’’. In general different authors gave different criticism on bureaucracy. They are:
1. Virility
2. Formalism
3. Delay
4. Corruption
5. Inefficiency
6. Service delivered on personal ground
7. Unnecessary control
The critics of the bureaucratic theory were:
1. Alvin Gouldner
2. Warner Benis
3. Robert Marton
4. Philip Selznick
5. Martin Albrow
They were the famous critics of ideal type of bureaucratic theory. 1. Alvin Gouldner: Alvin Gouldner was the famous critic of bureaucratic theory.…

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