The Theory Of Human Rights Essay examples

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Human rights are one of the fundamental rights accorded to every person across the world. Unfortunately, there are many instances where such rights are not respected. Child labor is one of the many ways in which if these rights are not respected and thus scholars have come up with theories, to analyze the concept and offer recommendations that can be used to observe and guarantee these rights. In that aspect consequential analysis theory emerges as an avenue to guide these discrepancies and build upon the essence of child labor. Therefore, this paper will look at such theories with a specific focus on utilitarianism as a key concept in understanding child labor in developing countries. In addition, the case will explore how child labor is a major problem in Pakistan and also the US.
Case study According to the utilitarianism theory one is subdued to different kinds of surroundings or the environment that in the end forms the basis for which one find himself or herself in an antagonistic state (Jamali, Dima, & RamezMirshak, 2011). Focusing on the case study at hand, it is indeed clear that many children find themselves in situations and surroundings that force them to do things without their consent. This shows that child labor is a serious problem that the world needs to address. For this to be achieved there is also need to understand the key stakeholders/ groups involved in the case and how they are affected both positively and negatively. These stakeholders include; the…

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