Essay about The Theory Of Government By Karl Marx And Max Weber

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What is the purpose of government? Is there an ideal organizational structure that a country could employ to ensure that a government serves its people to the best of its ability? Karl Marx and Max Weber, like others before and after them, both strove to help answer these questions. Although one could argue that we may never find a “perfect” system of government, both men presented new ways of thinking that continue to influence society today. Before one can begin analyzing the details of Marx’s and Weber’s works, it is important to address the question of the purpose of government. According to William Johnson (2014), a government should, among other things, work to provide economic growth, support those who are unable to support themselves, promote quality of life, promote the ability of individuals to succeed, and maintain a supply of essential resources. While many of these tasks today are supported by both the private and the public sector (Johnson, 2014), in the end it is the government which is ultimately responsible. Keeping these suggested purposes of government in mind when analyzing the works of Marx and Weber may help one to better evaluate each man’s ideas.
Another question one must also is how an organization should interact with both internal and external influences in the most optimal way possible. According to Mary Jo Hatch (1997), an organization consists of the relationship between the culture, physical structure, social structure, and technology…

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