The Theory Of Global Warming Essay

1734 Words Dec 3rd, 2015 7 Pages
Many scientists have researched and have advocated raising awareness of global warming and the changes the world can become. Now we are starting to see changes and melting of glaciers from the irresponsibility 20 years ago. Inevitable leaving a concerning question if this problem keeps on going how it altered life of the future generations. Will they be endangered because of global warming? A big concern right now is the lack of knowledge people have on Global warming also the lack of support from the people and the government mainly because change is not in their best interests since we are all collaborating in pollution or global warming in some way. The discussion of this review explains the three theories of different creditable individuals the first is the well-known Al Gore known to run for political positions also a strong advocate for global warming politically and in the media world. The second theory is from a professor from Stanford University believing that our past is the answer for our future which is something that only the Earth can control and allow itself to make any changes. But the Earth is an amazing machine that has the power to recover, just how it has been able to recover from many disasters and changes. Lastly the third theory is from an entomologist and overpopulation specialist, Paul R. Ehrlich theorizing that overpopulation is a major asset to global warming and the increasing amount of usage of natural resources making them scarce resources.…

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