The Theory Of Global Warming Essay

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The theory that increased human-related emissions of so-called greenhouse gases have a harmful effect on the climate has not been confirmed by the procedures of the scientific process. The theory cannot be established by experiment, the climate, observations cannot be repeated, and the ideas cannot be inaccurate by support of the models. This situation is accepted by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) which insists that its models provide only projections, not forecasts or predictions and its models are evaluated only by experts, and attributed not validated. The temperature measurements used for producing the Global Mean Surface Temperature Anomaly Record (GMSTAR) are shown to be so imprecise that trends in the record are worthless. Attempts to show a relationship between this record and model outcomes fail to include the most important influences on temperature and are therefore unreliable. Despite the lack of scientific severity, public perception continues to support the greenhouse theory of global warming. Absence of scientific severity exists in other scientific discipline, but its acceptance does not have such important consequences as the current policies that depend on the insufficient advice of climate science.
There is an extensive open perception that increasing emissions of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere by humans is harmful to the climate and that it causes a general warming of the earth’s surface. There is also a common public…

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